Auto Body Industry: The Growing Conflict

Chances are you own a vehicle and chances are you are going to need auto body repair work done on that vehicle. If an auto insurance company is involved, you may run into a headache. Unfortunately, insurance companies and auto body repair shops are often at heads with one another. This stems from several factors which basically are all about the almighty dollar. Here are just a few of the factors that cause auto body repair shops to be in opposition to insurance companies and the steps you can take to avoid the drama.

Fix-It or Replace It?

Auto body repair shops often will say a part needs to be replaced, whereas an insurance company will make the call to have it fixed instead. Insurance companies want to save money and of course, auto body repair shops want to make it. Sometimes it’s ambiguous to know what the car needs – except everyone wants a new part instead of an old one!

How Long Does It Take?

Again, insurance companies want to cut down on labor time while auto body repair shops want to increase it. Did you know that there is a large gap between mechanical repair and collision repair within the auto repair industry? This is due to insurance companies infiltrating the industry. Sadly, many auto body repair shops are taken advantage of through insurance companies. Auto body repair shops and insurance companies have been in opposition with one another dating back to 1945. This is when the McCarren-Ferguson Act was signed into place. The law was meant to help insurance companies rebuild after WWII, but instead, this act hasn’t been revoked and we are in 2021!

What Kind of Replacement to Use?

High-end insurance companies guarantee the use of original parts or (OEM), but lower-priced insurance companies do not. Most people prefer original parts for their vehicle rather than aftermarket parts. OEM parts seem to fit a little better and offer the peace of mind that the replacement came straight from the manufacturer. When you receive your quotes, be sure to understand if the parts used are OEM or not. With every problem, there is a solution. You don’t have to be involved in the back and forth of the decision making when it comes to your vehicle.

The Start2Finish app allows you to have control of your repair. Simply download the app on either iOS or Android, input your VIN and photos of the damages, and start receiving quotes from top-rated body shops near you. The Start2Finish platform allows you to message your shop of choice if you have any specific questions on the parts they will use, turn around time, etc. Many insurance companies intimidate their policy-holders into using the body shop they recommend. They use threats such as “We can only guarantee your repair if you go through our shop.” These are lies made to ensure they profit the maximum amount. You hold the power as a vehicle owner to choose the shop that repairs your baby.

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