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What Happens Next?

We will thoroughly review your form and make sure all information is accurate. If necessary, an onboarding agent will contact you to gather any missing details.

Once the new site is done, we will email you the link to access it. After reviewing, you have 30 days to make any changes free of charge.

Feel free to contact us to make any adjustments or changes by phone at (954) 703 - 9214 or by email at

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my site be ready?

Within 7-10 days our team is able to deliver your website. If specific customizations were requested, a longer wait time can be experected.

What happens if I didn't provide all the information?

Our team will research your shop’s information online and piece together what we can on our end. Upon delivery, all information should be thoroughly reviewed.

What are the monthly fees and what do they cover?

Your monthly maintenance fee covers all reoccurring expenses that come with having a website (ex. hosting, plugins, domains, etc) and any add on services you choose.

What is included in my site?

Your site is automatically equipped with the capability to sign authorization forms on the go, receive virtual estimates and schedule online appointments. Other features such as testimonials, gallery photos, and translation can be added free of charge.

Who do I contact if I need support?

Keeping your site running is our responsibility, if you are experiencing issues give us a call at (954) 703 – 9214 or send us an email at

Where will my final site be delivered to?

Once your site has been completed, it will be delivered to your email with all relevant information. 30 days of complimentary adjustments are given post website delivery.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, unlike our competitors your website is completely owned by you and you may cancel anytime you wish. Once canceled, Start2Finish will no longer be responsible for paying your sites reoccurring fees for plugins or hosting.